Snoop Loves Herself

Snoop admires her portrait

Back in 2003, my husband and I were getting ready to move in together. A work friend had a dilemma where an older kitten she had given to someone was coming back to her. She asked if we would take the kitten in once we got our own place.

I knew Bob had wanted a cat and even though I did not consider myself a cat person, I agreed.

Surprisingly, Bob was a little reticent. He wanted us to wait until we were settled in before bringing an animal in.

It was the beginning of a pattern of where I said “Too bad.”

Once we were moved in, we picked up a shy pastel part-bengal cat named Peanut. We did not like that name.

Bob fretted about getting her a new name right away. His ideas ranged from puns to dignified. I rejected them all, because as I  told him, she will let us know what her name is.

On her third day with us, I noticed how nosy she was. I was laying on the floor when she came up to me and sniffed around my face. “What a nosy little bitty you are!” I said to her.

That’s when I knew what her name was – Snoop.

We learned that Snoop enjoyed being up high, cuddles on laps and because this was winter in Buffalo, space heaters. We would find her rubbing up against the space heater and not letting us have any warmth 🙁

She also would randomly howl and run up the walls and all over the apartment. We thought she was chasing an imaginary friend and was lonely. This led us to cats 2 & 3…

To be continued…