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The Story of How We Got Seven (and mildly, Yui)

After we adopted Snoop, we noticed she spent a lot of time making weird noises and running up our walls. We thought that perhaps she was playing with an imaginary friend and so we decided we would get another cat.

We went to the SPCA’s website and found a beautiful cat named Pumpkin who had gorgeous huge stripes. When we went to the facility however, she was already adopted.

Since we were there, we decided to see what inmates were there. Bob went to one cat room, while I went to another.

The cages were all along one wall. It appeared we came in at kitty nap time, as every cat seemed to be asleep. Except one about halfway down. I put my hand his cage and he wanted to play right away. I noticed his paws were abnormally large, but he seemed friendly enough.

I continued down the wall. I remember a large orange cat at the end who was 6 years old. She seemed nice enough, but we wanted a cat closer in age to Snoop. I walked back down the wall. The cat in middle saw me and made sure to get my attention again. His name was Seven and he was 8 months old, which would place his birthday during my birth month.

I took him out of the cage and held him to me. I think he already decided I was his. I went looking for Bob in the other room to let him know that I had found our next cat.

Except Bob had found a cat of his own. A small grey kitten who wouldn’t stop licking him. We looked at each other for a moment, with us having an “uh-oh” moment.

Then Seven reached over to “Yu” and gave him a big kiss, which melted Bob’s heart. Bob decided that we should get both.

“Yu” was allowed to come home right away as he was already fixed. Seven was not fixed, but was bumped up to the head of the queue so that he could come home as soon as he was cleared.

“Yu” became Yui, as Bob and I were both anime fans and figured we would give a twist to the name he already had. Seven, was clearly named for the amount of toes on each forepaw. A handmade toy came with him. Clearly, someone had been fond of him before giving him up.

Seven, from the beginning, was the alpha. He decided straight away that he owned our apartment and wasted no time in letting everyone know that he was the center of the universe.

But, he was not without his hang-ups.

He was from day one a momma’s boy. He loved cuddling me and he hated Bob. If we were watching TV and Bob put his arm around me, Seven would lay on my chest and glare at him, while “making biscuits” on me.

He avoided Bob a lot. Only really bothering him in the morning for food. We would try to rub him with our feet, but he would shrink away. We wondered if perhaps he had been kicked by a male and that was why he did not like Bob.

Eventually, Seven learned that feet were good things, that he could scritch himself well with toes and ankles. It took even longer for Seven to accept Bob.

A few years after coming home with us, my husband went on a medication that gave him horrible side effects. He would not leave the bed, it was that bad. Seven, realizing that something was not right, would stay by Bob’s side to comfort him. He would nuzzle and cuddle and purr for Bob. When the effects wore off for Bob, Seven continued his new love for him. He would now jump into Bob’s lap or watch TV with him.

Seven has quite the personality. He is definitely a “living large” guy. He talks all the time, always letting you know where he is and what he is doing. He steals the other cats food by pulling their bowl over to him and he picks up treats with his paw. One of his funniest quirks is that he chases his tail like a dog a would.

There are many Seven stories, but I will save them for another time =)