We gave Scooby Dee a bath and gave her a nail trim.

How many people bathe and give their own pet a nail trim versus going to a groomer?

Are you afraid to trim nails because they might bleed?

Although I keep quick stop handy, I have a pair of nail clippers from Furminator with a nail guard. It helps keep me from going too short on the nail and hitting the quick.

The quick is a vein that grows with the nail, so I would recommend going slow, especially on black nails. Take a look at what you have trimmed. If there is a black dot in the center, you are approaching the quick and should stop.

Scooby is not fond of her nails and can sense the trimmers from a dead sleep. I have Bob hold her and I trim her that way. Its ok to tag team your dog (or cat).

There are many sites and YouTube videos available for tutorials, if you are interested in learning how to trim your pet’s nails yourself!

nail trim diagram

Simple nail trimming diagram

Any questions, just ask!!