May is National Pet Month

National Pet Month

National Pet Month is a celebration of the benefits that pets bring to people’s lives – and vice versa. It is observed annually in the United States in May and during the month of April in the United Kingdom.

How are you celebrating that special pet in your life? Consider giving him or her the star treatment – fun days at the park or doggie day care, a pampering session with your favorite groomer, and don’t forget getting an amazing portrait done from a skilled photographer! 😉


Support Small Business Saturday

In the wake of Black Friday, we would like to mention Small Business Saturday

You may pay a little more, but you will be supporting local merchants. You will help a business owner pay their mortgage, put their kids through school, pay utilities, and more!

Book a session this weekend and receive three gift prints with your print purchase, a $210 value.

In my other business, with Mary Kay, this weekend I will offer online only 20% off your purchase through Cyber Monday, for registered users only. If you are local, I will be at the fresh & fluffy: Modern Cloth Diapers & More from 11-4. Come say Hi and schedule a skin care class with me 🙂

Support small! Support local!

Support Small Businesses

Support Small Businesses


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Hubbard Family to yours

Enjoy good company, good food, and hopefully good football! Don’t be a butterball and get stuck like Yui below!

Help I am stuck! I shouldn't have eaten all that turkey!

Help I am stuck! I shouldn’t have eaten all that turkey!

Also consider donating pet food to your local food pantry or rescue groups. If you are in the Buffalo area, there are many groups that would appreciate any donation this holiday season.

Buffalo Pet Pantries:

Pet Food Pantry – Episcopal Diocese of Western New York
The Pet Food Pantry at 96 Jewett Pkwy – Facebook
Buffalo CAN Pet Food Pantry – SPCA Serving Erie County
Pet Food Pantry | Grace Episcopal Church

Buffalo Area Rescues:

The Silver Lining for PitBulls
Pixie Mamas Rescue
Linkon’s Last Chance
HEART Animal Rescue and Adoption
Hope For Cats, Inc.
Buffalo Paws and Claws Animal Shelter
SPCA Serving Erie County

It’s Hat Day!

Today is hat day! Do you have a picture of your pets in hats?

Then mosey down to our facebook page and share them!

We love hats on pets – bring them down to the studio for their very own fashion show!

Yeehaw, cowkitty!

Yeehaw, cowkitty!

Doctor Who Day!

It’s Doctor Who Day!

Grab your furry friend and curl up to the telly and watch Doctor Who! Beware the 12th Doctor’s eyebrows! <3

If you love Doctor Who and your pet, lets combine the two! I have a sonic screwdriver and a 24ft scarf. Lets send Fido through all of time and space in his very own adventure. Call 716-771-0888 today!


Friend for your pet day

November 19th is Friend for Your Pet Day

Does your pet have a special friend? Another pet? A favorite plushie? A human? The mailman?

Visit our Facebook page and share your pet with his or her best friend.

Don’t have a picture? Give us a call and let us capture those BFFs 🙂

Below is Seven and Fluffy. Seven ADORED Fluffy and would follow her everywhere. He would give her hugs and kisses. He was fascinated by this small furless cat. They used to have a window in our old apartment that they would hang out together at. Fluffy blessed Seven this once by acknowledging their relationship 🙂

After Fluffy passed, we adopted another dragon. Seven knew it was not his friend. However, he does show River much affection as well.

BFF Seven and Fluffy

BFF Seven the Cat and Fluffy the Bearded Dragon

Black Cat Day

November 17th is black cat day!

Black cats are the least likely cat to be adopted for superstitious reasons. Please consider adopting one.

This is my friend Nike, such a beauty!

If you have a black cat or dog, call me today and receive a complimentary 8×10 with any print purchase, a $70 value. 716-771-0888

Look how pretty I am!

Look how pretty I am!

Let us create something beautiful together

Let us create something beautiful together.

The true magic is created in the moment shared between the photographer and the subject. For that moment, we touch each others soul.

Come create magic with us. 716-771-088

-Susan & Bob

Let's create something beautiful together

Let’s create something beautiful together

Adopt a Senior Pet!

November is Adopt a Senior Pet month!

Senior pets are awesome whether they grew old with you or your adopt them in their later years. Senior pets aren’t as active as a puppy and when you adopt an older pet, they really appreciate their new homes.

My cats are all 12 years old and are considered “senior.” However, because they are fed a great diet, get plenty of exercise, and see their vets @ Southtowns Animal Hospital regularly, they are just as frisky and annoying as when we brought them home!

Some great commercial diets for cats and dogs are:

Nature’s Variety
Natural Balance

For dogs, I would look for a formula that is low in protein. Protein is the first to aid in weight gain and the hardest to lose. Wellness senior formula is at 18% protein. Also check the fat content.

Cats are little trickier. They need higher amounts of protein as they are pure carnivores. You still want your protein level to be at least 30%. Look for an indoor formula. Indoor formulas take into consideration a less active lifestyle and will help with hairball control. However, check with your vet, as there may be other health issues to consider.

Our cats are not on a senior diet. They eat Earthborn Primitive Feline for dry formula and for wet food, they enjoy Wellness. Wet food in your cat’s diet will help keep your cat hydrated as cats are prone to dehydration. My cats love turkey flavored foods.

Make sure you keep regular visits with your vet. They may recommend supplements to help your pet with their hips and joints. Your pet can suffer from the same ailments as you! Arthritis is very common in older pets. There are many supplements available with glucosamine and chondroitin.

Love your senior pet – the rewards never end!

National Entrepreneurship Month

Amongst many things, November is also National Entrepreneurship Month.

There are many pro’s to working for yourself:

I get to name my own hours. I don’t have to follow someone else’s clock.

Flexibility with said hours. I can change and rearrange my plans.

I don’t worry about travel bans and driving in bad weather.

I get to pursue other income opportunities, such as becoming a Mary Kay independent beauty consultant.

I get to meet all sorts of people and their pets and I get to make them happy!

I get asked to be a pet sitter. I walk dogs and check in on cats, putting me into more contact with pets.

I get to spend time with my own pets more.

I get to see my husband more.

Scooby Dee gets more hugs and kisses.

When my mother was in town, I could spend all my time with her.

Supporting small businesses allows me to be there for my family and to support them. 🙂

Play with me

You need to play with me!

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