Amongst many things, November is also National Entrepreneurship Month.

There are many pro’s to working for yourself:

I get to name my own hours. I don’t have to follow someone else’s clock.

Flexibility with said hours. I can change and rearrange my plans.

I don’t worry about travel bans and driving in bad weather.

I get to pursue other income opportunities, such as becoming a Mary Kay independent beauty consultant.

I get to meet all sorts of people and their pets and I get to make them happy!

I get asked to be a pet sitter. I walk dogs and check in on cats, putting me into more contact with pets.

I get to spend time with my own pets more.

I get to see my husband more.

Scooby Dee gets more hugs and kisses.

When my mother was in town, I could spend all my time with her.

Supporting small businesses allows me to be there for my family and to support them. 🙂

Play with me

You need to play with me!