November 19th is Friend for Your Pet Day

Does your pet have a special friend? Another pet? A favorite plushie? A human? The mailman?

Visit our Facebook page and share your pet with his or her best friend.

Don’t have a picture? Give us a call and let us capture those BFFs 🙂

Below is Seven and Fluffy. Seven ADORED Fluffy and would follow her everywhere. He would give her hugs and kisses. He was fascinated by this small furless cat. They used to have a window in our old apartment that they would hang out together at. Fluffy blessed Seven this once by acknowledging their relationship 🙂

After Fluffy passed, we adopted another dragon. Seven knew it was not his friend. However, he does show River much affection as well.

BFF Seven and Fluffy

BFF Seven the Cat and Fluffy the Bearded Dragon