Pet Photography Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Does it Cost?

Our commissions start at $225 for a session with Susan. The session fee is due at booking in order to reserve your session date and time.

What does that get me?

You get a relaxed and personalized portrait experience in our studio or the location of your choosing, up to 2 hours of our time, as well as our experience and craftsmanship on your finished prints, wall art and products.

What’s this “Pre-Session Consultation”?

Our Pre-Session Consultation is an in-person meeting where we talk about your pet and your goals for the session. We also go over our products, pricing and studio policies with you. Knowing more about your pet and what you would like to see helps us take the photographs you want that will work best for your intended use. These consultations are scheduled at a time that is convenient to you. Please note that pre-session consultations are limited to a 20 minute travel-time each way from our studio. While we prefer to do these in person, we can also do your pre-consult over the phone or through Skype.

What about Prints?

Our sizes range from 8″x10″ to 30″x40″. We offer multiple print discounts.

What about fancy stuff?

We also offer Fine Art Canvas prints, Photo Memory books, Greeting and Note Cards.
Framing is also available by request.

Is Sales Tax included?

No. 8.75% New York State sales tax is added to all products and services.

What makes Hubbard Photography special?

We love animals and we love photography. We are committed to giving you the best portraits and portrait session possible.

Where is your studio?

We are located in South Buffalo, NY. We can also come to you.

What are your hours?

We run flexible hours, but don’t accept walk-ins. In order to give you the best service we can, we require an appointment for a session. Our normal office hours are Tuesday through Friday 10am-6pm. We do our best to work with our clients to schedule their portrait sessions at convenient times, and evening and weekend sessions are available for your convenience most of the year. 

How do I make an appointment?

Call us at 716-771-0888 or email us and we will be happy to schedule with you. If you call and reach our voice mail, please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we can. A minimum of $225 retainer is required to lock in your session. We accept most major credit cards.

How soon can I schedule my session?

We are usually scheduling 3-4 weeks out.

How does your retainer work?

Your retainer reserves your session date and time. It is credited towards your commission fee. We are happy to help you reschedule your session to a more convenient time should the date chosen not work. Your session is not reserved until we receive the retainer.

What about people? What if I’d like me or my family in the portraits?

Sure. Both Bob and Susan are professional portrait photographers and we can easily accommodate you. For larger families there may be an additional fee.

I have more than 1 pet. Is there an extra charge for additional subjects?

Yes. We do require a nominal additional amount to allow us to reserve enough time and treats for your extended session. We will discuss this with you when we chat.

How long will my session be?

An average session will run from 1 to 2 hours. This gives us time to shoot in a relaxed fashion, and gives your pet time to get familiar with us and relax. It also allows for plenty of water breaks, snuggling, sniffing, scratching and playing, all of which make for great candid moments.

When can I see my photographs?

At your portrait session we will schedule your in person viewing appointment where you will be able to view your original photographs and select your favorites for enhancement, and order your gift prints, wall art and other products.

When will I get my pictures?

About 2 to 3 weeks. We can do a rush order for an extra fee.

What if my pet is having a bad day?

All of our pets have their good and bad days. We know a few tricks that can help them relax and have a good day.

What type of pets do you shoot?

Most of them. We’ve shot dogs and cats, ferrets, birds, lizards, spiders, turkeys and even an owl.

What about leashes?

For outdoor shoots at parks most dogs have to remain leashed. Leashes can be edited out however the work can be time consuming so we only edit final images. If you prefer all images to be leash free, we recommend doing either an indoor or secure fenced location.

My pet is very aggressive. Can you work with him?

While we can usually work with most pets, if yours has serious aggression issues it is probably best not to expose them to strangers with cameras. We do ask that you let us know if your pet is prone to scratching, clawing or biting and require a signed waiver prior to your portrait session. We reserve the right to end a session if we deem the pet to be too aggressive, out of control or if there are safety risks to ourselves or the pet.

Do I need to bring their vaccination records?

Yes, please. Your pets must be up to date on all vaccinations. Please bring their proof of vaccination records with you. We need to see their papers, tags aren’t acceptable. Also, please note the following:

  • Pets must have had a flea/tick treatment within the last 30 days

  • Pets must not have a contagious sickness/disease

  • Pets should be healthy enough for a photo session

Can we get our photos on disc?

Yes you can. We do offer web friendly images as an extra add on that you can share on your social media accounts.  We do not offer printable images on disc.

What if we’ve planned for an outdoor shoot and the weather is bad?

No problem. We can reschedule for a better day or switch to an indoors session, whichever you prefer.

Should I bring anything special for the session?

A favorite toy, water dish and water, treats are all good things to have ready for your shoot.

How should I get my pet ready for their shoot?

At the least, a bath and good brushing for dogs, and a good brushing for cats. A good suggestion would be to take them in for a grooming and tell the groomer that you want them looking nice for a photo. Just like with people portraits a little professional make up and hair styling can make your pet look like a model. Take your dog for a walk about 30 minutes before the shoot to tire them out a little bit. This will relax them and give them time to cool off before their session. 

Can I bring my own camera and take pictures?

No. There is a saying “Too Many Cooks Ruin The Dish”. In the same way, too many photographers will confuse your pet and make it difficult for us to capture them at their best. So that we can give you our and their best, we have a policy that no pictures can be taken during your session other than the portraits by our photographer.

If I want an outdoor session, what time should I schedule?

To get the best light, outdoor session will be late afternoon.

Can I dress up my pet in an outfit I bought?

Absolutely. We love capturing them in costumes or fancy outfits, or just their favorite team jersey.

Do you do other types of photography?

Yes. We shoot classic portraiture and we will also accept a limited number of weddings a year.

What is a “gift print?”

A gift print is any print 8x10 and smaller.


Still have questions about our pet photography pet portraits?

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