November is Adopt a Senior Pet month!

Senior pets are awesome whether they grew old with you or your adopt them in their later years. Senior pets aren’t as active as a puppy and when you adopt an older pet, they really appreciate their new homes.

My cats are all 12 years old and are considered “senior.” However, because they are fed a great diet, get plenty of exercise, and see their vets @ Southtowns Animal Hospital regularly, they are just as frisky and annoying as when we brought them home!

Some great commercial diets for cats and dogs are:

Nature’s Variety
Natural Balance

For dogs, I would look for a formula that is low in protein. Protein is the first to aid in weight gain and the hardest to lose. Wellness senior formula is at 18% protein. Also check the fat content.

Cats are little trickier. They need higher amounts of protein as they are pure carnivores. You still want your protein level to be at least 30%. Look for an indoor formula. Indoor formulas take into consideration a less active lifestyle and will help with hairball control. However, check with your vet, as there may be other health issues to consider.

Our cats are not on a senior diet. They eat Earthborn Primitive Feline for dry formula and for wet food, they enjoy Wellness. Wet food in your cat’s diet will help keep your cat hydrated as cats are prone to dehydration. My cats love turkey flavored foods.

Make sure you keep regular visits with your vet. They may recommend supplements to help your pet with their hips and joints. Your pet can suffer from the same ailments as you! Arthritis is very common in older pets. There are many supplements available with glucosamine and chondroitin.

Love your senior pet – the rewards never end!