About Your Award Winning Photographers:

Susan Hubbard, Award Winning Pet Photographer


Lead Pet Photographer: Susan HubbardMember, Professional Photographers of America


I have been doing photography for nine years, starting with a stint with The Picture People. I bought my first DSLR and started photographing my pets in my very tiny apartment. I learned how to get very creative with tight spaces and limited lighting.

I also am proudly owned by three cats. Snoop, who is very nosy; Yui, the fat kid and Seven, the magnificent polydactyl and legend in his own mind. Also in my household is Scooby Dee, the World’s Most Neurotic Dog (She will die if she does not get 600 hugs and kisses a day), and River, the bearded dragon. Her goal in life is to eat as much as she can so that she may grow up to be big and strong and one day destroy Tokyo.

In addition, I have spent six years in the pet retail industry as a manager. I have extensive knowledge of pet food nutrition, toys and treats, and other pet needs. I have great relationships with area veterinarians and am more than happy to pass their information along.

Other Information:

I was born and currently live in Buffalo, NY. However, I was raised in Merced, CA (MHS Class of ’98!) and spent time in Austin, TX. I am absolutely willing to come back to these areas for shoots! <3

I am married to my wonderful photography partner, Bob Hubbard. We have been together since 2000 and have been married since 2009.

I love Doctor Who, Minions from Despicable Me, Domo-kun, pizza with mushrooms and pineapple, ice cream, and many other things that are very bad for me, like binge-watching shows on Netflix.


Awards Won:

  • First Place, Portrait : Seven, The Most Interesting Cat in the World, 2014 Erie County Fair
  • Second Place, Portrait : Scooby Dee, 2013 Erie County Fair
  • Second Place, Pictorial : Patriotic Snoop, 2012 Erie County Fair
  • First Place, Pictorial : Goat Island Falls, 2011 Erie County Fair
  • First Place, Portrait : Deempal, 2011 Erie County Fair
  • To Have and To Hold, 2010 Erie County Fair Honorable Mention, Pictorial
  • Bridal Profile, 2010 Erie County Fair Honorable Mention Portrait
  • Divine Guidance, 2009 Erie County Fair Honorable Mention, Portrait

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Bob Hubbard, Award Winning Portrait Photographer


Assistant Pet Photographer: Bob HubbardMember, Professional Photographers of America


Bob Hubbard has been my partner in crime since 2000. An accomplished photographer in the martial arts world, he enjoys helping me as the pet wrangler. He is an expert at ball squeaking and dangling strings.

Cats love him because he is squishy, dogs love him for the treats. Reptiles think they can eat him.




Awards Won:

  • Best In Show, Professional Photography, 2014 Erie County Fair – Grandmaster Michael Giron
  • Second Place, 2013 Erie County Fair – Professional Portrait – Asajj Ventress
  • First Place, 2012 Erie County Fair – Professional Portrait – Grandmaster Max Pallen

Equipment: We shoot primarily with Canon professional DSLR’s and lenses, AlienBee and Canon lighting in the studio, and natural light whenever possible. Images are processed on Apple iMac’s using Photoshop and a combination of custom and commercial tools.