Buffalo Cute Kitten Elwood

I iz hiding

Continuing from previous post!

One of the cute kittens Elmwood has retreated to the nearest available hooman. Little does she know that the hooman can only protect her for a short time!

She keeps her eyes out and hopes that she may soon be safe!





cute curious kitten

Iz it safes nao?

Bidwell exercises extreme caution into the big open world. He can no longer be afraid of what is out there. Gingerly, he takes one step…and then another. He keeps his head up and gained confidence with each step.

What will he find out there?







What are these?

What are these?

First he finds this red thing. But, he doesn’t know what to do with it! He better squish it before it becomes something big and bad!









South Buffalo cute Kitten Charm

South Buffalo Kitten Charm


In the meantime, Allen has been captured by unknown forces. He doesn’t realize that he is in South Buffalo, the epicenter of the Irish culture in Buffalo. He has been chosen to represent his home turf in a battle of cuteness!






Stay tuned, as there are more adventures to come!