The kittens invasion has begun

The kitten invasion has begun

It’s CATURDAY so let’s celebrate with MOAR 4 week old kittens!

These adorable 4 week old kittens stopped by Hubbard Photography and played with many of our props. They came, they stayed, they played, and they pooped 😀

Picture number one is the start of our kitten invasion.

Straight from having a bath, the three little kitties made their way to our studio in South Buffalo. Allen, Elmwood, and Bidwell made the arduous journey from 3 or so streets over





Buffalo kittens portraits

Hey wait for me…

It was an epic journey. Crawling amongst the unknown. Strange objects were to be found. Surfboards and inflatable crabs – what sorcery was this! They made sure to hold hands and keep each other close.







Lost kittens

Where am I going?

One kitten senses an opportunity to escape this upside down wonderland. The madness is simply too much.









Hang 10, kittens!

Hang 10, dude!

This kitten was not so lucky. Hang 10, little dude!

What happen with our fearless kittens? Will they ever make it to the end of their portrait session?


Stay tuned! For the next chapter!